Sunday, November 18, 2007

been busy...

I have been unable to keep up with this blog due to being very busy with forest activism and other hard work. There is no lack of loggin plans to report on but I'm overworked. Hopefully at some point I can resume posting here but until then I will leave this up as an archive and reference source.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Maxxam/Palco Going Hog Wild

Though Maxxam/PL is in bankruptcy, the liquidation logging has not stopped.

Bear Creek
In Bear Creek and Jordan Creek where logging was halted over a year ago by the local Water Quality Control Board, PL has continued to file new logging plans. Water Quality is demanding a plan be in place to clean up and protect streams from logging future activities before more logging can happen. There are now multiple logging plans stacked up and ready to cut as soon as Water Quality gives the go-ahead. This is a growing problem that needs to be addressed but is beyond the scope of this update.

Clearcut Plan Approved

Golden Bear THP was approved on June 28th.

New Oldgrowth Logging Plans

Plan Name: "More Shade" THP #1-07-070

Unit 3, a 38 acre portion of this logging plan, contains "sporadically spaced" trees "left over from the initial harvest in the early 1940's". These trees are up to "about 100 inches" in diameter at breast height (DBH). 100 inches= 8.3 ft.

Plan Name: "Hog Wild" THP #1-07-094

This plan encompasses 114.75 acres in Bear River just over the ridge from the Mattole River watershed.

Unit 3 ( 20.5 acres) is un-entered oldgrowth Douglas Fir. Unit 4 (38.5 acres) is residual Oldgrowth Douglas Fir.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

New Maxxam Oldgrowth Logging Plans

Maxxams Pacific Lumber has several new oldgrowth logging plans. One in Eel river, one in Larabee and one in Bear River. I will write a detailed post asap, which may not be until tommorrow.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Pacific Lumber "Golden Bear THP" in Bear River

KMZ file for use in Google Maps and Google Earth.

see more on this plan at SAF Blog

Plan Name and Number
Golden Bear THP 1-07-071

Company/Land Owner
Scopac, subsidiary of Pacific Lumber.

Registered Professional Forester (RPF writes the plan)
Mark Distefano

Bear River on the north flank of Rainbow Ridge 1/4 mile from the boundary of Humboldt Redwoods State Park.

Size in Acres

130 acres total

123.1 acres to be clearcut under the euphamism "rehab"

2.1 acres road building "right of way"

0.9 acres "non-timbered"

Forest Description
"10% Douglas Fir and 90% Hardwoods"

Originally logged in the 1950s for trees to be used for plywood. Current Douglas Fir diameters range from 14 to 30 inches diameter at breast height (DBH). Some "residual" Douglas Firs remain from before the original logging. The plan does not specify the size or age of the hardwood trees.

Plan Submission Date


- "Rehab" ( a euphamism for clearcutting). The rehab "prescription" is used to replace hardwood groves of Oak and/or Madrone with Douglas Fir or Redwood seedlings. This is due to the higher monetary value of softwood boards.
The plan states “Forest Products to be harvested: Conifer and hardwood trees for saw and chip logs, fuel, split products and burls.”

-The plan states that no "even-age regeneration" (aka clearcutting) units are over 20 acres which is the maximum allowed by law. However the very next table states that Unit 2 is 26.1 acres and Unit 3 is 42.6 acres.

- In some past "rehab" logging units, the company has cut only the Douglas Fir trees and later applied herbicide to kill the remaining hardwood trees utilizing the "hack and squirt" techinque. There is no mention in the plan of herbicide use but it commonly follows "even aged management" like clearcutting and rehab. This is in order to reduce competition for planted conifer species. If the company plans to use herbicides they need to disclose this to the public.

- Clearcutting (and burning) on geologically unstable slopes, especially on "mass wasting areas of concern" or MWACs. (pronounced em-wak, usage: "This plan is hella MWAC")

Golden Bear MWACs

- Road building on unstable areas. The plan proposes approximatly 2,000 ft. of road construction and reconstruction on MWACs.

-"Tractor Yarding"- Bulldozers dragging fallen trees to the log decks.

-"Mechanical Site Prep"- Pulverizing the clearcut areas with bulldozers.

-Broadcast burning, AKA Napalm. This method is not unlike the slash and burn technique used in the Amazon rainforest.

Public Comment
Open for comment. End date not yet posted.

you can send comment letters on this logging plan to the California Department of Forestry at;


California Department of Forestry
attn. forest practice
135 Ridgeway Ave.
Santa Rosa, Ca. 9540

Pre-Harvest Inspection (PHI) Date
N/A- plan returned

2nd Review Date
not yet posted

Date of Decision
Earliest possible approval date May 16th (but unlikely).

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Maximizing Forest Productivity by Hans J. Burkhardt

Download pdf file here.
Maximizing Forest Productivity by Hans J. Burkhardt
Resource Depletion and a Strategy to Resolve the Crisis.

A highly educational read. It was written in light of the liquidation logging practices of the Georgia Pacific and Louisiana Pacific logging corporations in Mendocino County.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Oldgrowth Logs From SPIs "Windmill" Logging Plan


Though there have been many sightings of trucks carrying "one log loads" out of Sierra Pacific land near Petrolia this winter and spring, this is the first picture that documents this. These were seen coming down the wildcat (road from Petrolia to Ferndale) last month. To learn more about the Oldgrowth logging plan near Petrolia, Ca. and Sierra Pacific Industries check out these links.

SPI Oldgrowth Logging
Sierra Pacific Info.

note: this is a public road with two way traffic.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Marbled Murrelet Surveys Required In 90 Acres Of Oldgrowth In SPIs "Windmill" Logging Plan

Update: Download KMZ file for use on Google Earth. It shows the units that are now off limits.

Wildlife surveyors working for the proposed Shell wind energy project have recently been looking for Marbeld Murrelets in the Bear River ridge area of Cape Mendocino, north of Petrolia, Ca. To do this they use portable radars. They found many more Murrelets at the mouth of Bear River than had been reported in 1994 after widespread audio/visual (AV) surveys at that time. Apparently Sierrra Pacific Industries was relying on these same surveys from 1994 to claim that there where no Murrelets using the forests in Davis Creek where much of thier "Windmill" logging plan is located.

The Department of Fish and Game now says that 87 acres of forest needs to be surveyed for Marbled Murrelets who are rapidly approaching extinction due to loss of habitat and food. These stands are in logging units numbered 08-88 and 08-90.

7 acres needs surveying of a Golden Eagle nest that has already been located. Unit number 08-91.

This plan has already been approved for logging and operations are currently underway. The Dept. of Fish and Game has now told SPI not to cut in these areas until surveys are completed. Will SPI go ahead and log, or will they wait the usual 2 years that are required for the Murrelet surveys to be completed?